Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Primary Election Results

None of the candidates won enough votes to be elected outright, inaugurating round two of the election madness. See the official results here. The Burbank Leader's story is here.

First, a complaint about the election site: It's waaay too small and hard to read. I understand the live video streaming, but it's essentially illegible. How about a simple text listing, eh? That'd be much better.

Anyhow, without further ado, here are your Burbank City Council primary election candidates:

Jess Talamantes -- 3,951 votes

David Gordon (i) -- 4,537 votes

Elise Stearns-Niesen -- 2,019 votes

Kimberly Jo -- 2,471 votes

Garen Yegparian -- 1,989 votes

Dave Golonski (i) -- 4,858 votes

Interestingly, the candidates with the most support and money where not necessarily the ones who garnered the most votes. See my earlier post on campaign finance here.

Let the next round -- and the exponential increase in campaign emails, calls and mail -- begin!

Mid-Week Zen -- Delayed

As it's Ash Wednesday, my fav back-lit purveyor of random wisdom is, instead, advertising Ash Wednesday services. Fine. I'll check back tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Election Day!

So, as you know, today is election day in Burbank. Or, if you didn't, well, vote, damnit. From my rather unscientific research, I'm guessing a fairly low turnout. When I stopped by City Hall to drop off my ballot, the election workers outnumbered the voters by about 3:1.

Of course, this was an mail-in election, and most people probably had already dropped it in the mail. Now, I was about to do this myself, until I read the print on the ballot telling me that the ballot had to be received by the City Clerk by Feb. 24 and POSTMARKS DO NOT COUNT.

That is, in order to mail in the ballot for the mail-in election, you'd have to have the foresight to mail it a couple of days ago... Just to be safe. More than one piece of candidate literature reminded me to mail in my ballot by Feb. 20.

So, the election is on. Check back for the results here.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mid-Week Zen 2.17.09

It's a little early, I suppose, but it is a short week... Ladies and gentlemen, your mid-week Zen:

Now, this is a pretty straight-laced. Perhaps they'll be passing out God's Oscars. Best performance in a ethically difficult situation? Best picture of holiness? As always, this is the marquee of the Westminster Presbyterian Church at Clark Avenue and Buena Vista Street in Burbank. Send your suggestions for other Zen koan banners to daniel.j.evans(at)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Craigslist Ad O' The Day

I know the economy is getting bad, but this is ridiculous. Broken neon? Only $100? Whadda deal. As always, this is an actual craigslist ad. And, as always, I have no connection to the seller. I just think it's funny.

10 or more Batman Neon Signs Take them all (Burbank)

Reply to: [?]
Date: 2009-02-16, 1:59PM PST

I have 10 (maybe more) Batman neon signs still in their boxes. They don't work (at least the few I've tried), but for the price maybe you could do something with them. $100 obo takes them all! Email for more information.

Dimensions: 22" (w)x13"(h)x5"(d)

SKU: SKU1481038 Also have a lot of Comics and Comic Book related stuff, statues, anime manga as well.

The Burbank Follower 2.16.09

Peanut Recall
Sigh. More tainted goobers. Apparently, a number were sold to the Full O'Life Natural Food Markets in Burbank. Be careful out there with your PB&J, people. AP.

Post Office Closing
Hmm. Check this out. The San Fernando Business Journal and the Burbank Leader have the exact same headline for this story, reporting on the closure of the Magnolia Park office. The headline: "Post Office is being shipped." SFBJ. Leader's version here. (The Leader shows a publish date of Feb. 15, while the SFBJ has a Feb. 16 pub date.)

Shameless Plug Alert
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Friday, February 13, 2009

One of those "So, You Think You Had it Bad" Kinda Days...

Following my WiiFit workout -- yes, I'm one of THOSE people -- I spotted something in the paper that made me feel absolutely nauseated. I realize there's plenty of stuff in the news to make one's digestive tract go in reverse, but this one hit particularly hard. From the LA Times:

Last week, Beverly Eckert was at the White House to talk with President Barack Obama about how the new administration could deal with those suspected of terrorism.

This morning, Eckert -- the widow of a man who died in the Sept. 11 attack on the World Trade Center -- was among the 50 people killed when a commuter plane crashed outside Buffalo, N.Y.

Really? This is what fate, or God, has thrown this woman? Really? For what it's worth, Beverly and her husband are together again. Cold comfort for her friends and family, I'm sure.

In any event, it does make all the problems of the last few months fade into the distance a bit.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Facebook Page

Hey y'all...  I've created a new Facebook page to promote my photography biz. Check it out here... Become a fan! 

Burbank Follower 2.11.09

Burbank House Fire Seen for Miles
I didn't see it, but it does sound like a doozy. MSNBC. Also see CBS2 and ABC7.

Burbank Homeless Shelter Roils Residents
People upset regarding size of Burbank homeless shelter, as well as the fact that a number of sex offenders were found to have stayed there. Leader. [Warning, news-like commentary: This seems like NIMBY-ism in the worst way. Where the hell are these people going to go? Sex offenders should, indeed, be watched carefully. However, they are human beings and must be treated as such.]

Editor of Burbank Leader, Glendale News-Press Moving On
Danette Goulet is stepping down from the big chair. Her future plans include moving to Boston and raising her 7-month-old son. Good luck in Beantown, Danette! Leader.

Shameless Plug Alert
I run a wedding, event and portrait photography business. If you have any need for such services, please think of me. Samples of my work can be viewed at and at

Mid-Week Zen

I've driven by Westminster Presbyterian dozens -- nay, hundreds -- of times, constantly marveling at the wisdom and weirdness that shines from its marquee. Here's the latest:

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Burbank Follower 2.10.09

Chase Ends in Burbank
Police took a suspect into custody after police chase ended at the Burbank Airport. Leader. The chase began in Newhall. Also see CBS2 and ABC7.

Burbank, Glendale in talks to combine armories
Officials from Burbank and Glendale are currently discussing a proposal to combine the National Guard armories in each city, potentially opening up a 10-acre lot near the Burbank Airport for use as a homeless shelter. Leader.

Police Helicopter Partnership Adds a Third
The Glendale and Burbank police departments, which have pooled their helicopter resources since 2007, added Pasadena to the party to save money. Leader.